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About Us

Original Blister Packaging Machine


In 1949, in the city of Montreal Canada, Peter Green created the first-ever blister pack for retail packaging. Peter Green’s main goal behind blister packaging, was to prevent pilferage. Through countless hours, hard work, and experimentation, he finally perfected the chemical relationship between chipboard and the correct plastic. At that time, it was called butyrate. Peter’s next step was to create an affordable machine that would seal the blister to the card. Using a temperature controller from an oven and a timer from a singer sewing machine, he was able to get his first seal. The rest is history. 

Who We Are

Since 1984, Robert Green, son of Peter Green, carries on the family tradition through the San Diego-based PowerPak Industries.

Building on the time proven rotary concept, PowerPak has developed new patented versions for sealing clamshells and blister packs; and continues to set new industry standards for reliability, portability and performance.


Our History

POWERPAK Blister Packaging History

It all started with the late Peter Green who owned a company “Century Printing LTD”. He was approached by Aaron Fish, CEO of “ILCO UNICAN” who had a hardware line. He complained that their products were being stolen out of bins. Peter took some samples and saw his good friend and thermoformer, John Fisher. John mostly formed chocolate trays, but Peter asked him to try to form clear plastic over Ilco Unicans products. After successfully doing so, he printed the cards, created the machine, sealed the packs and the rest remains history! 

Our Services

We supply all the services needed to get your product shelf-ready; from blister packaging/clamshell packaging, to the final process of sealing with our industry leading machines.

POWERPAK Blister Packaging Office

Our Values

At Powerpak, we believe you cannot win the respect and complete confidence of our customers without exceptional customer service and understanding of who they are and what their product is about. We thrive off our customers’ success. Your packaging matters; seal, after seal, after seal.