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After several years of use, MBK is pleased to report that the above referenced machinery has perforated exceptionally well and without incident. This hard working machine completes jobs in a most timely ma...

Tina Norraik

MBK Enterprises, Inc.

If you need reliable, easy to use equipment and excellent personalized service, then I highly recommend Robert at Powerpack Industries.

Debbie Johnson

Mattel Toys

Herman Goelitz has done business with Powerpack Industries for a number of years. We have purchased two blister machines; one for our plant in Fairfield, California and a duplicate machine for our plant in N..

Bob Krafft

Herman Goelitz Candy Co.

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me. It is rare in these times for some one to be considerate and genuinely interested in another's situation.

Geoff Moon

Innovative Arts Dental Laboratory Inc.

Thanks again for saving us from a balance-sheet-killing solution to the packaging requirement. We are both mighty impressed with your concept and how you follow it through.

Dave Zethmayr


A professional presentation at retail and on-time delivery via efficient production is critical to our success at those locations. Power Pak has proven to be a reliable partner in helping us meet those critical requirements.

Kyle Thorsen

Terminator Titanium Lures

As our company continues to grow and the need for more sealing machines arises, we will continue to order from Powerpack. We highly recommend them!

Bret Arnett

Laser Lyte

The ease of operation and the precision of the nest fixtures have most impressed us. We have packaged to date over a million lures using Power Pak machines, and highly recommend them.

Teresa Kees

Horizon Lure Co.

We have owned a Powerpak machine for a number of years, and we have packaged millions of fishing lures with that one small machine. The simple turntable design allows one, two, or three people to efficiently package...

Greg Pallister

Thompson - Pallister Bait Co. Ltd.

We truly appreciate your continued support of our program. As you know it is through this vocational program that our students with disabilities are enabled to learn work skills, become more independent, develop self...

Karen Weismann

Grossmont Work Training Center